Member Stories


Jeany winning the gold trophy on her very first fight
Chelle losing an amazing 39kgs and entering her first bodybuilding competition
Ayse lost over 20kgs (and still going) since starting at Next Level Fitness
Zal Ismail went from 115kg to 55kgs and has been competing in bodybuilding since 2011
Abe Elzaibek won his ifbb pro card after joining the next level team
Paul Jaylian living the dream competed in Arnold classic in the USA
Mike & Georgia Holton owners of UPS both train at Next Level Fitness
Rose began her journey of healthy eating and hard exercise!
She has lost over 15kg's and is still training hard at next level fitness!
Serena came to next level fitness with a goal to look amazing!
Serena sits 15kg's lighter and looks incredible!
Tash started at next level fitness with a huge amount of detirmination to lose weight and tone up her body. Tash has lost over 10kgs and is unstopable!
Team next level at WFF Nationals 2013, all placing in the top 3
Christina Lasota placing 1st INBA Universe Masters Figure division
Next level team power lifting
Josh competing in power lifting competition.
Alex Karas placing 1st in the WFF Nationals 2013

Our member Wes, dropping a huge 17.5kgs!!